BTS Moose Knuckles Showroom - SS17

BTS:  Moose  Knuckles  NYC  Showroom

A quick overview of how this project went down.

Meeting  at  The  Mercer

We met our Moose Knuckles clients at one of our favorite spots for breakfast meetings - The Mercer. We were fortunate enough to meet with the VP of Sales and Creative Director, both of whom had a strong vision for the brand that they were able to convey in a way that made it easy for us to understand and in turn, create an environment that would serve as a showcase for their brand.

Design   Phase

Every project starts with research, editing said research and narrowing it down to a couple of ideas and then finally-(really badly drawn) sketches 1. Together with a mood board 2 and lots of discussions, we arrive at the final concept and our talented 3D Renderer brings it to life on a computer screen 3.

Pitch   Day

For the pitch meeting with our client, we painted swatches of our picks for paint colors, brought a materials board, printed oversized 3D renderings - and what else for Moose Knuckles? A bucket of beers (it WAS a 5PM meeting) 4.

Pre-Production  +  Production

With design approved, we began placing our materials orders for the build… this one was going to have some extra special elements in it. In addition to fixtures and furniture – we created a 10’ x 10’ focal point consisting of a smoked bronze plexi stripper stage 5, lit from within by fluorescent bulbs and complete with a reflective canopy ceiling… Strippers came separately…

Production - Of course, what makes a space feel special are the details - and this showroom was definitely not lacking. We installed floor to ceiling velvet drapes - which was no small feat in a showroom with thirteen-foot high ceilings, nine custom racks, four hundred fifty wheat pasted Playboy covers 6, and two neon signs later, the space was complete.

The   Reveal

Our favorite part of the completion of a project is seeing our client’s reaction to their new space. In this case, it was all smiles and of course drinks were served! Cheers to Moose Knuckles and welcome to NYC!