Events - 10 Hudson Yard

Events - 10   Hudson   Yard

On March 14th, we were invited by our friends at Taylor Creative to an event industry party at the newly finished 10 Hudson Yard. Having watched the project slowly come to life in real time, it was an awesome experience to finally be inside! The resident caterers are none other than the fabulous and innovative CXRA and boy did they put on a tasting: homemade kettle chips with blue cheese dip, hand made tortillas with different taco fillings, an oyster bar and a mozzarella station to name a few. The food was the best we had ever tasted at an event (something that is not easy to do!).

The views were also spectacular with floor to ceiling glass windows and views of the city as well as adjacent parts of the entire Hudson Yards complex. They also offer multiple spaces for indoor and outdoor events so there is plenty to choose from.

We have our eyes set on this beauty (below) for a fashion client who wants to put on a runway show or fashion presentation.