Events Around the World

Events   Around   the   World

Summer in the city has us itching to get out of town! To satisfy our travel bug, here are a few events held around the world that we are feeling extra inspired by.

(Photo by Al Jazeera)

The meaning of Holi, a Hindu spring festival, is just as beautiful as the festival itself. Celebrated in India + Nepal, participants cover each other in colored powder to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, the end of winter, laughter and forgiveness of one another. ‘Color fights’ take place in the street and everyone is involved: strangers, friends, old, young, rich and poor. The result is a stunning visible symbol of love, warmth and beauty.

(Photo by Hab Korea)

La Tomatina is an event held in Buñol, Spain. Each year at the end of August, participants from the town as well as tourists from all over the world come together for an hour long tomato fight. Once outlawed, this festival which started back in 1945 is now recognized by the Secretary Department of Tourism as a major festival because of it’s popularity. Those partaking in the ‘food fight’ end up happily covered in tomatoes while the streets get squeaky clean from the acidic tomato juice that gets hosed off post-event.

(Photo by G Adventures)