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At M Crown, we are so fortunate to get to work on so many projects with great clients, partners and vendors. For HBO’s Inspiration Room we were even luckier to work with our long-time friends, Studio Butch, who handled design, as well as the incredible team at Wieden and Kennedy.

Over just a little less than two months, we worked together to create a space where women could share their stories through various media. Submissions were displayed as simply as diaries perched on shelves and epically as a larger than life book that guests could leaf through. There was also extensive and engaging programming including guest speakers such as Soledad O’Brien and Padma Lakshmi and a sneak peak of HBO’s Gentleman Jack.

We always find putting an event of this magnitude together to be rewarding, but this time even more so. We were proud to be part of a project that gave women a platform for their stories, and working with such great partners made it all the more fun.