Events - Inspirational Lighting

Events - Inspirational   Lighting

In keeping with heat and light, we thought we would share some of the most inspirational event lighting that we’ve come across recently. As usual, we are loving neon, except these few have a twist: a mirror is used to create the illusion of additional lights and depth. Check out this futuristic tunnel entrance to an event for ‘Ready Player One’. We love that it gives the feeling of actually entering another dimension. The glossy floor amplifies the effect.

(Photo by Nadia Chaudhury for Bizbash)

In a more simplified version of this same idea, YSL created a stand alone piece for an outdoor event at Coachella to create the perfect ‘selfie’ moment.

(Photo by Zachary Patino for Bizbash)

Another trend we are loving is monochromatic lighting to create a mood, like the red glow along with the red neon sign in Diesel’s ‘Red Room’ (image below).

(Photo by Ernesto Distefano for Bizbash)

A similar method was used to create different ‘rooms’ for Janelle Monaé’s Album Launch Party with Spotify. The entire area seems to glow pink, along with a pink neon palm tree and a cotton candy machine to add to the theme.

(Photo by Jerritt Clark for Bizbash)

Everyone knows lighting is key for events, which is why when it is the central décor at the party, we love it even more. Absolut Open House lit every single inch of the room for their event, including the ceiling and floor for a totally immersive lighting experience. We love the different shapes and colors (especially that ceiling!), the LED dance floor and that even though there are lights everywhere, it isn’t overwhelming.

(Photo by Marissa Joy Photography for Bizbash)