Events - Wellness Activations

Events -   Wellness   Activations

The ideas of wellness and mindfulness seem to be permeating the event world as well. Wellness activations are popping up in the more obvious forms of yoga classes and meditations rooms – such as at IMEX America’s meditation room, where guests could take a break during the three-day conference to recharge and re-center themselves.

More fun, interactive and creative activations are being incorporated as well. Aura photography is a way of reading the energetic field of a person through reading the colors of their aura that show up on a polaroid. At a recent event we produced for Popsugar, they brought in Family of Light. Guests were invited to have their aura photograph taken, and then based on their surrounding hues were given information regarding their health, stress levels, chakra energy and more.

(credit - Popsugar)

It’s also no surprise that event catering would be influenced by the wellness movement as well, so of course caterers are offering a variety of healthy options – but Van Leeuwen Ice Cream takes it one step further by offering a treat that can actually help you relax – the CBD Fudge Sundae. CBD (the non-psychoactive component in marijuana) is believed to have many health benefits such as pain relief, anxiety reduction and aids in general relaxation (among many other potential positive uses).

(credit - Instagram/Van Leeuwen Ice Cream)

Prefer your catering to be cannabinoid free? Hop on a Smoothie Bike. Pick your ingredients and get pedaling to enjoy the health benefits of a smoothie and exercise.

(credit - Well Being People)